REGENCYstuck || The Chancellor and the Minister

REGENCYstuck: Chancellor Gamzee Makara and Minister Tavros Nitram

It’s BACK! I’ll be releasing these guys in pairs/triads.


Chancellor Gamzee Makara
Gamzee was also abandoned as a child by a distant, absent father, to a monastery by the sea. There he was raised in the ancient ways, and taught traditional scripture. He still wears the warpaint of the ancients as tribute to their beliefs. A spiritualist, Gamzee often cites miracles in his own life that kept death at bay. Partially this has to do with the Chancellor being horrifically accident-prone. Which has mostly to do with his fondness of opium. The Empress is aware of Gamzee’s fixation with Opium, but as he seems to make wiser decisions on the drug, she holds her judgement. Rumors have floated about that the Chancellor is prone to extreme violence when detained from his drug, so the Empress personally, discreetly ensures he always has a constant supply.

As children, Feferi and Gamzee met by the sea, and became close playmates, until she was married off. Denied of his friend, Gamzee wandered out into the farmlands, where he stumbled into the small countryside hamlet. There he met lowbloods Karkat Vantas and Tavros Nitram. The monks were desperate to find the highblood before he became influenced by lesser castes, but by the time they found him, He had already formed a close bond with Tavros, and had taken Karkat in as his moirail (much to the latter’s distress.) When the pair’s village was destroyed in the Peixian revolution, he took both of them into his household, and established Tavros as his matesprit to protect him. He now lives close to the sea with Tavros, and occasionally Karkat, and keeps to a quiet, miraculous life. Despite his highblood status, Chancellor Makara is often seen practicing in the gardens with minstrel’s instruments, like juggling or fire twirling. He’s not terribly good at them, but no one is about to question the Chancellor and get on his dark side.

As Chancellor, he supports the new Empress’ radical changes and judges those who oppose them. From time to time, his cases simply vanish, and the Chancellor reappears in the morning with a wan smile, and says nothing, blood smeared across his nose. Everyone knows better than to pursue the matter.

Minister Tavros Nitram
Born into the same township as Sollux and Karkat, Tavros was the son of farmers, a shepherd and cattle-hand. His rapport with them led many families to trust him with their livestock, so he managed a comfortable, if very simple life, kept out of harm’s way. However, when he was still a boy, he suffered an accident with a blue-blooded playmate that left him paralysed. After his recovery, he simply asked his animals to carry him where he needed to go, and maintained his work from the back of a docile mule. It was while he was tending his flocks that a young Gamzee Makara stumbled into his life, helping himself to his packed lunch. The two formed an immediate bond, and kept up contact even after the Highblood had been drug back to the monastery.

In the Peixian Revolution, his township was burnt to the ground, killing his family and his dearest friend. He couldn’t run away, and was trapped in a blazing barn. Gamzee appeared in a fit of rage and rescued him, taking him, ashes and all, back to his grand estate, where he’s lived ever since. Gamzee is a mostly-attentive matesprit, though Tavros does need to mind he actually eats and doesn’t stare into the oven too long. Tavros keeps a menagerie of animals on Gamzee’s estate- which Karkat claims are his genetic subjects. The animals roam freely through the house, much to the consternation of his staff. Tavros is very independent, despite his disability, but seems wary of the many grand staircases in the Makara home. To take care of this, Gamzee simply tosses him over his shoulder.

Gentle and kind, Tavros is not suited for the bloodthirsty politics of the Empress’ court, but she is immensely fond of him anyway, and Sollux’s position as regent ushered him into the fold of the court regardless. He functions as the Empress’ Minister of Agriculture, keeping tabs on the empire’s vast farmlands, and ensuring that the lowblooded farmers are compensated fairly. He serves as well as the Empress’ example of lowblooded worth, especially given his handicap. Despite his lowblood standing and constant anxiety in the court, Tavros’ experience is indispensable to the new Empire.

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