Oh man, that story about your first kiss was so sweet (and it's also a gorgeous photo!). Do you have any other photos of your Madame Red cosplay you would be willing to share? I also used to do Kuro cosplay a while back, and pretty Madame Red cosplayers are always relevant to my interests. ;w; <3

Haha, aw, thanks.

I have a few!

The dress was semi-period accurate (you know. It was a weird marriage of canon and period accuracy.)

And bustled up in the back. I wore a corset and bustle-pad underneath!

It was around 14+ yards of red velveteen… And I somehow managed to sew it in ten days because I am insane and I was full of youthful energy. (this was 3 years ago so)

Fun fact, these were taken in the carpark at Melbourne University(which totally looks like Hogwarts, btw.) I had to get changed crouching between the cars. Afterward, we walked home in pseudo-cosplay (Just the wigs and makeup on) and covered in fake blood. At 3AM in downtown Melbourne. We had a bunch of drunk blokes absolutely launch away from us screaming. LOLOLOL.

This is the only really good shot of it bustled up.

Terrible wig, it was my first wig before I got a proper one.


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