Anonymous asked: What other webcomics do you read?

I’m making this rebloggable so that these great webcomics can be spread around and get love!

Johnny Wander- a stunning, funny, bittersweet journal comic. Sometimes it goes into short stories.

Sakana- As Mad puts it: The touching story of two brothers working at the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, Japan. One is afraid of girls…the other is kind of a sociopath. It’s also gorgeous inking.

Hemlock: An utterly STUNNING comic, set in Scandinavia, based on the folklore of witches and Baba Yaga. Honestly. It is gorgeous. Read it this instant.

Helvetica: an adorable comic about SKELETONS SOLVING MYSTERIES. Amazing worldbuilding and gorgeously drawn.

Cucumber Quest: GOOD LORD THIS IS A CUTE COMIC I CAN’T. Seriously this comic is not only an absolutely beautiful read. It’s a wonderful marriage of beautiful style, rendering, coloring… AND AMAZING storytelling. Read it this instant.

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    I’ll add my own, if you don’t mind. Head Trip: A slightly sinful, but all around hilarious comic produced by Amanda...
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