Hey so if I did do Fancy Trickster Jane…

…where are y’all getting her tights… Just sewing strips?

  1. izumidatouichirous answered: I ordered “LONG KNEE HIGH OVER THE KNEE SOCKS COTTON RICH 24 FASHION STRIPE COLOURS UK 4-8” From Ebay! They’re really good quality!
  2. royalheather answered: Kecky did Trickster Jane and got her stockings from somewhere, maybe you could ask her :)
  3. complexityaddiction answered: try sockdreams. They have a pair that’s the right colors, though the stripes are a bit thin.
  4. caseroo12 answered: I got mine from sock dreams! sockdreams.com/product…
  5. ceriene answered: stripedsocks.com
  6. sleipnirohair-raising answered: Most people I’ve seen cosplaying Tricksters just sew them themselves but there was a site that sold stripey tights. I’ll try to find it.
  7. gothichamlet said: Omfg is this “fancy” as in “covered in sequins and tulle” fancy?
  8. candysuits answered: We look for the closest thing or we buy some and paint em up! Though I suppose you could find a stocking tutorial and sew em like that?
  9. mah0uka answered: aliexpress.com/wholesa… or smth like that?
  10. danithedoommagnet said: bought mine on sockdreams, actually! they’re throx.
  11. ghoulanome answered: check out sockdreams, they have all sorts of long striped socks
  12. lunarwings answered: i got mine from sockdreams! sockdreams.com/product…
  13. animegirlrunningwithtoast said: oh sorry, tights not stockings
  14. gaywalrus answered: I’ve heard some people paint/dye them, which would be a bitch but I cant think of a better options for tights vs, say, leggings
  15. animegirlrunningwithtoast answered: sockdreams.com/_pages/… is a good place to look
  16. nokama answered: I’ll send you an ask on it.
  17. pentaghastcass answered: you might try dyeing a pair?
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