I’m headed to Midoricon 2.5! Hooraaay!

I confess I’m not sure what I’ll wear on what day… I’m heading up early Friday to try and get a shoot in.  Fefeta is a definite. Emeraude if I finish her- (BAR THESE STUPID DUMB STUPID GEMS), if not, Aradia.

And, as  bonus, I’ll be a humanstuck Feferi on Sunday with some super cute babieeees uvu!

A week later, I’ll be going to Kamikon Alpha in Louisville, because. Why not, it’s in my backyard. However, I’ll only be going Saturday because work would kill me. It’s a tossup there between Emeraude and Fefetasprite for what I’m wearing.

Since I’ve not been to a Midoricon before, I dunno how meetups work? Anyone organizing one? Are they organized?

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  2. mamestuck said: Also, suggestion: If you’re not using PAX or similar paint, do a non-troll character on the day of the pool rave (not sure which day it is).
  3. zetauma answered: I hope you have fun! From what I’ve heard, MidoriCon is the BEST for photoshoots
  4. mpuzzlegirl said: Good luck on the gems!
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  6. succubustykisses answered: Yay! I’m excited to see you again at Kamikon!